Medical Services & Transportation

We aren't just a "normal" pet sitter. We're here to make your pets comfortable in their own homes.

No more worrying about driving your dog to and from his services. We offer transportation with our pet taxi service in the areas of  Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa, and Huntington Beach.

We also know that as our pets get older or become prone to illness, they require more love and attention from loved ones and pet care professionals. As a dog walking and pet sitting business, we want to provide your pets with quality stimulation and exercise all the while supporting their health and quality of life.

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Pet Taxi

$45 for 60 min+

(add'tl $15 for 30 min)

$25 for 30 min or less

Errand Service               $35 for 30 min

*NOTE: We offer discounts if booked with other services or if multiple pets are getting services


Medications & Sub-Cutaneous Fluids

Hospice Services



What Our Clients Say

"Kat Gardner is reliable, thorough, and compassionate. I first met Kat when one of my cats was in the early stages of cancer. Her background as a veterinary technician meant that she was willing to administer oral medication. I highly recommend her to friends and strangers alike."

- Sara P.