Dog Walking & Exercise

We know how important exercise is for your pets - let's get your doggie a walk!

At Kat's Dogs & More, we understand the importance of a healthy life for every doggie. One of the most valuable things we can do to keep our pets healthy is exercise, which is why we offer dog walking services around your neighborhood or at the beach. Regardless of whether you work long hours or you just want your doggie to have extra exercise during the day, we've got your back!


All of our dog walks, runs, and pack walks include fresh water, treats, and any medications needed. Pack walks also include a pet taxi trip as well!

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Dog Walking

Dog Running

Pack Walks*

$30 for 30 mins

$35 for 30 mins 

$45 for 60 mins

Leash Training                       $50   (add'tl)

*Offered Mon - Fri. The same family 2nd dog is 50% off. Includes a 60-minute walk at the beach

What Our Clients Say

"Kat is an amazing pet sitter. She's professional and she genuinely cares for animals. I recommend her to anyone looking for dog walking or pet sitting services."

- Braedon V.