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Dog Walking + Exercise

We’re walking IN sunshine!

Just like humans, doggies need exercise, too! Regardless of whether you work long hours, need to focus during a Zoom call or simply want your pooch to be more active, my new VIP Beach Pack Walk Club will make sure your pup has a whale of a time on a beach adventure with their pals.


BONUS: Every dog has their day, which is why our packs celebrate all of the pup-iversaries of each respective month (birthdays, adopt-iversaries, etc.)!

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VIP Beach Pack Walk Club

  • The chance for your dog to make lasting friendships

  • A fun sensory experience in a friendly, relaxed environment that doggos love

  • Small dogs only, so no chance of your pup getting trampled or pushed to the side

  • Um, did we mention a beach day?!

In joining our Beach Pack Walk Club, you’ll select one of two groups for your pup, each of which is tailored to a specific walk style and energy level.

Beach Bums

Perfect for pups who like to stop and smell the roses during their walks.

Wave Runners

For the more energetic bunch! Great for pups who keep a steady pace and prefer a brisk walk / light jog.


For only $200 a month, your walk club membership includes:

  • One 60-minute pack walk each week, including round-trip pick-up and drop-off

  • Fresh filtered water

  • Treats (if provided by pet parents)

  • Socialization with other small dogs

  • A detailed update of our weekly adventure, with photos

  • A quick paw-wipe to ensure clean toes before going home

  • Application of all-natural nose and paw-pad balm (for post-sun care)

  • Exclusive WhatsApp Group to touch base with other walk club pet parents


Yes, I still offer solo walks, too! All of our walks include fresh filtered water, treats (if provided by pet parents), compostable waste bags and lots of TLC. If the walk needs to be cut short for whatever reason, I’m happy to fill the time with play and snuggles!

Before booking any exercise service, please ensure your dog:

  • is leash-trained

  • doesn’t pull excessively

  • doesn’t show signs of aggression toward animals or people


$35/30 minutes (+$5 for an extra dog from the same household)



I’m happy to perform other duties in addition to the basic services outlined above. 

Please note: There will be additional charges on weekends and the following holidays: New Year's Day, New Year's Eve, Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day, Labor Day weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving week and Christmas week.


Nail Trims: $20
Medication Administration: $5/med
SQ Fluids Administration: $20
Brushing: $5
Pet Taxi (round-trip, up to 3 miles): $40


Because of the varied nature of my services and client visits, I offer time blocks to make sure my route and schedule are as efficient as possible. Availability for my pack and solo walks:

Mid-day - 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

*offered Monday to Thursday

All services start with a Meet + Greet

All of my services start with a Meet + Greet so I can introduce myself, go over your pet’s routine and see where your supplies are located. A parking spot is required to ensure I keep to my schedule.

What my clients are saying

"Kat is an amazing pet sitter. She's professional and she genuinely cares for animals. I recommend her to anyone looking for dog walking or pet sitting services."

- Braedon V.

Ready for some fun in the sun?

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