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Stress-free Pet-icure

4 weeks to confidently trimming your dog's nails with ease, trust, & intuition

You're a pet parent who wants to learn how to trim your dog's nails effortlessly while saving time, money, & eliminating any stress on your pet (and yourself) as a result.

You're feeling like...

  • You just don't have the time to take your pet in to the vet or groomer for a nail trim

  • You don't want them to have to wait until their scheduled appointment - which could be weeks away

  • You know you could be saving money by doing it yourself

  • Your pet has anxiety being in the car and / or going to the vet or groomer

  • You have fear or anxiety about how to trim their nails and don't want to hurt them

  • Their nails are so long that it is difficult for them to walk and is possibly creating other pain in their body as a result

  • Their nails are getting stuck in and doing damage to your carpet, furniture, or clothing

You're ready to...

  • Learn my entire step by step process to trimming nails so you can do it with ease 

  • Save tons of money in the long run by gaining the knowledge and experience you will have forever

  • Feel proud and confident by mastering a new skill to help improve the life of your pet

  • Protect your carpet, furniture, & clothing

  • See that big smile on their face afterward knowing you are helping them to perform at their best

Your pet will thank you for...

  • Being able to walk more comfortably - resulting in more energy and stamina

  • No longer snagging their nails on the carpet, furniture or your clothes - which can rip their nails

  • No more joint pain from being out of alignment while standing or walking

  • No longer causing injuries to their skin and face ( not to mention yours, too ) by scratching themselves with sharp nails

  • The bonding experience they will have with you by showing them that nail trims can be a positive experience!

  • Keeping them in the comfort of their own home

Hi, I'm Kat!

When I first started out working with animals it was an absolute dream come true for me.

I knew from a very young age that helping animals was my soul aligned work.

I was a veterinary technician from 2004 - 2013 before establishing my pet sitting company, Kat's Dogs & More, also in 2013. Intuition is a big part of how I do business. In fact, it is the only way I do business. Learning to really listen to our animals so we can have a better understanding of what they need from us is key, in my opinion.

Let me be honest...

I wasn't always very confident in trimming nails. In fact, the thought of it really freaked me out. Trimming nails was one of the very first things I learned to do as a vet tech. I was nervous I would somehow mess up and hurt them. I had so much resistance at first, but once I started and knew exactly what to look for ( and really trusted myself enough to do a great job ) it became second nature to me. 

What's my secret? Mindset

I understand where you're at, I've been there too.

That's why I'm here to help show you that you can create any outcome you put your mind to.

When animals can sense our confidence and calm, loving energy they are far more willing to participate in whatever it is we are trying to get them to do. They trust us. I believe my approach is is effective, reliable, and so, so necessary. Building trust with our animals helps to strengthen our bond with them ( especially when it comes to something they are normally not so fond of doing – like nail trims ), helps them to see that it can be a good experience for them, & supports their growth in confidence ( as well as our own ) at the same time. Incorporating and practicing a good mindset routine before starting the nail trim is everything. It doesn't have to take long, and is so worth it. It sets us up for success. 

It's time to do nails differently.

During this 4 week course we will dive in to...

  • what exactly 'mindset' is , why it is so valuable, and how it directly effects what we do

  • setting your intention for this course

  • all the different types of equipment and gear used for nail trims – and which is best for your particular pet based on their size, breed, nails - and much more

  • the many ways of how to properly hold your pet for the nail trim based on breed,  size, and the safety precautions to take

  • creating a 'safe space' for your pet so they feel comfortable and calm.

  • tips and tricks for ____________

  • how to trim your pet's nails like a boss by knowing exactly what to look for to avoid trimming them too short

Imagine what it would be like to...

add at least 4 bullet points here

Each week you will recieve a new video module with a workbook for the first module (emailed??), exclusive 1.1 coaching in a group setting via (voxer? Fb group? Email? *would not be a group setting with email*) so that you can have the extra guidance if you have any questions or concerns. Each group coaching session will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays for _____ minutes in the _____chat. **continuing to implement this strategy [these strategies] will ensure that you and your pet will have a successful session each time.** add to the end of the course


**continuing to implement this strategy [these strategies] will ensure that you and your pet will have a successful session each time.** add to the end of the course

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